Saturday, February 12, 2011

This little child of mine...

Is me.. Jenny!!
We're off to see the Dilemma at the Movie theater now.. so decided to hurry and update the blog because i had a baby picture ready! so here it is! this is me when i was 1 or 2.. not quite sure the age, wasn't i a cute chubby thing? or chubby cheeks at least! what happened to me? i'll blog more and post another baby picture when i get back from the theater!


And here I am, Kara. Just a couple years old myself. Sorry for the dark quality, I had my mom take a picture of a picture and send it to me. Weird right? My mom texting.. Maybe for some of you that isn't weird. Maybe some can relate. But my mom has never texted for 20 years of my life.. But that's a different blog topic I can post!! Anyway, aren't we just the most adorable little babies you have ever seen??
Makes you wonder... what happened?!

haha. hope everyone is having a great weekend :]


Jared and Amy said...

ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! What cute little babies! :)