Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Movie Night! woo woo!

My favorite night of the week.. along with saturday & sunday of course! we are off to the Manti grocery to stock up on candy and snacks so we can start the movie night! We just ate a delicious dinner, Steak & vegetables! compliments to the chef... Me of course! if anyone has any amazing videos to watch let's hear em! i'm feeling inspirational or horror films tonight....


I don't know what else to add. I was handed the laptop, "your turn!" I think she pretty much summed it up though. always does a good job of that!
thanks to everyone who is following our blog!!!

over and out,


Laura said...

Stacha and I just got back for going to see the Justin Bieber movie! haha you know I'm awesome. anyway if you like him I would say go see that. I already thought he was cute and know I think he is just a bit cuter. It was fun plus 3D who doesn't like