Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 2 of the 30 day challenge!

Jenny Speaking! blogging about the meaning behind the name of our blog. I didn't make the name up, Kara was responsible for that one.. and to be honest i don't exactly know the meaning behind it. She'll have to elaborate more on that one. I on the other hand made up the name for our other blog about our kitties. The name is the Cat's Meow and Feline Groovy.... pretty self explanatory if i do say so! Just witty sayings that include cat stuff! Was thinkin about naming it the Cat's pajamas... but kept it simple with the Cat's meow. if any one has any cute ideas like "simply purrrr-fect" titles for blog posts send em over!!

Thanks! & have a great Friday! (heard it's great weather but haven't been outside yet)

Kara here. Updating with the meaning behind our blog name. One of my favorite parts of psychology happens to be the colors of our moods. Sitting there searching, which amounted in probably 6 hours of racking my brain. I typed something simple, The Blogger Blues.. But I wasn't satisfied. I didn't want our title to be sad. so I threw in and reds n' yellows. Now our blog has all different types of feelings. I thought it was kinda clever. Actually, really clever. But I know, I know.. the door is only 36" wide! :]

And yes, it is beautiful weather outside! Can't wait for it to start turning green and the snow to be gone!
Bring on the summer!

Woo! It's the weekend!


Laura said...

kara i ♥ you! and you girl is super cute!

candacesue said...

It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany's, how she talks about getting the mean reds. Keep blogging, I like to read them :). Maybe someday I will post again, haha!