Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grab your iPod, put it on shuffle and use it to answer these questions...?

How am I feeling today? - Crossing the Boundary (Immortal Technique)

Will I get far in life? - Scared of the Unknown (Caspa)

How do my friends see me? - Jesus of Suburbia (Greenday)

Who will I marry? - Figures A and B, Means you and me. (Hellogoodbye)

What is my best friend's theme song? - My life would suck without you (Kelly Clarkson)

What is the story of my life? - Hell of a Life (Kanye West)

What is highschool like? - Wake up call (Aesop Rock)

How can I get ahead in life? - Get Money (Notorious BIG)

What is the best thing about me? - Alibi (30 Seconds to Mars)

How is today going to be? - Fingernails (Skillet)

What is in store for this weekend? - Miami (Taking Back Sunday)

What song describes my parents? - Nickels is money too (Devil Wears Prada)

To describe my grandparents? - Sweet, little, loveable, you (Ricky Nelson)

How is my life going? - Hope for the Hopeless (A Fine Frenzy)

What song will they play at my funeral? - Wish I could forget you (Silverstein)

How does the world see me? - Thugged out (Tech N9ne)

Will I have a happy life? - Nice try kiddo (Deadmau5)

Will I have children? - Finally (Fergie)

What was my childhood like? - Mad Confusion (Tech N9ne)

What is some good advice for me? - Us (She wants revenge)

How will I be remembered? - Monster (Lady Gaga)

What is my signature dancing song? - 2 Drunk 2 Drive (Brokencyde)

What is my current theme song? - Cocaine Blues (Johnny Cash)

What does everyone else think my theme is? - 25 to Life (Eminem)

What song describes my mood right now? - Holler til you pass out (3Oh!3)

What song do I listen to when Im depressed? - Remember me (Eminem)

Happy? - Lean on me (Limp Bizkit)

Scared? - Out of the Blue (James Brown)

Bored? - I almost lost my mind (Pat Boone)

What type of girls/guys do I go for? - Old School (Dolla)

What type goes for me? - Matador (Johnny Cash)

What should I be doing right now? - Like a G6 (Far East Movement)

ah ha. pure boredom! the answers were oddly fitting. haha.

kara the G6