Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jenny speaking!

It's been a minute since i've blogged! Been busy with getting the campground all ready for the Mormon Miracle Pageant, and Memorial day weekend( which happens to be my 21st birthday woo) But finally got some time to upload pictures and update you all! Blogging has become an addiction i swear, always on my mind that i need to update... a few days go by, and I don't even get on blog site at all.. But then the second i have a spare minute, here I am. Blogging. lol! Anyway just wanted to tell my Sister's Amy and Ashley if you read this I miss and Love you!! Give the little ones hugs from aunt "beautiful" =].

Kinda a lame post i know... But here are a few pictures of what we've been up too!

Going through Kara's Dads shop full of useless things
But finding cool stuff to make abstract! our creations will be up soon!
Visit from a friend! yay! Someone coming out here for a visit RARELY happens! so we were excited! ha!

Freezing our buns off looking for stuff to make!

Hope you enjoyed!


Jared and Amy said...

We love you Jenny!!!

Forever Family said...

We miss and love you too!