Thursday, March 3, 2011

Time for my first personal blog.. So in recent news!

10 months of smiles, laughter, happiness, and pure bliss. And many more to come! Couldn't be happier with you Jenny!

On another note:

Probably thee best movie I have ever seen in a LONG time. If you haven't seen it, or think you wouldn't be interested in it. I beg to differ. GO SEE IT! It's amazing. So amazing that I am counting down the days until the second one comes out!!!

Got out my old phone the other day, messed around with it for a while and remembered that it could take panoramic photos! This one was just quick and not that great quality. I want to go take one in the day. One at sunset would be great too.
Here's another one just messing around with it. Showing my parents what technology can do. Anything I show them they are always so amazed by it. it makes me feel smart. but here's proof that my mom really can be in three places at once!!

Going to get my license back today. Insurance and all.. can't wait to finally sit behind the wheel and drive!
Anyway, this has been what's going on in my life. Simple things make me happy. Spending a lot of time with family. It's great.

P.S. What's up Skywalk?! 30 foot walk out on clear glass.All you see is 4,000 feet straight down! Talk about adrenaline rushing. Definitely making this a trip this summer. Who wants to join us?!

That's all for me today!

:] kara