Friday, May 20, 2011

All dogs go to..... Sin City?

So.... It's early, & i'm up babysitting in Vegas. I'm in Vegas dog-sitting in the first place but Ash babysits two neighbor kids so I told her i would fill-in for her while she was gone. So decided to blog to waste some time!

Kara drove with me to Vegas on the 10th and stayed a few days then had to go back to the campground, while she was here we went to the freemont street experience! it was fun! we just aren't party animals like we used to be though!

Like i said i'm also dog-sitting.. Dogs are actually barking now(i should prob go let them out) =]

Fayye Bayy! =]


milton & eddie!

Sincerely, Me!


Shay said...

FAYYYE. So cute! Joel has been wondering how she is doing, I keep telling him I have no idea. He misses her a lot.